Dive Trips

We love Travel

Travel, big critters, amazing and historic shipwrecks, throw in stunning reefs and weird but mouthwatering cuisines and we just can't wait to get back on that plain to our next destination.

Blue Crew trips are some of the most rewarding experiences, both in the water and on land just hanging out with the group.  Have you ever wondered if dinasuars actually existed? Well, when a whale shark swims past you, you won't wonder anymore.  How about schools of fish so thick you think it's an episode from National Geographic.

Whether it's the warm waters of the caribbean and the pacific, or gorgeous cold waters off Maine or Iceland, The Blue Crew is headed there.  Join us on our next trip or trips to explore the wet parts of this planet.

We love to travel, near and far, for a weekend or a month.  Join us, it's life altering and mind blowing.