Gear Service

Annual service of your scuba diving life support equipment is a key component to your safety when owning your own dive equipment.   The following items should be checked annually or every 60 hours of diving, whichever comes first.  Blue Crew Divers services all major brands provided they are servicable and parts are available. 

  • Regulator 1st and 2nd Stages
  • Alternate Air Source
  • Buoyancy Compensator Device
  • Breathable Inflator
  • Pressue Gauge System
  • Dive Computers

These items cannot be serviced by the diver themselves. Most, if not all manufacturers warranties  are contingent on continuous annual service within 12 months of purchase and/ or the last service date. 

Blue Crew Divers Service Team is led by Mike Dudas, one of the most experienced repair technicians in the region. Mike not only can fix anything, he's also experienced enough to explain to you why some pieces of gear cannot be serviced and needs to be retired.  Yes folks, some of those regs from before the turn of the century and older are better suited in the museum case! 


Items that can be serviced by the diver themselves include: 

  • Masks
  • Fins
  • Snorkels
  • Wetsuits

Below is an example of what you DON'T want you gear to look like.  Gear with this type of corrosion is unsafe for diving, and may not be able to be serviced and returned to diving.  The state of this regulator is a direct result of a diver not caring for their gear properly, not rinsing after salt water dives, and not servicing gear on a regular basis.  A regulator in this condition can cause catestrophic failure and an out of air situation. 

Shoot us an email at to see if you gear is servicable or stop by and drop it off.