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Blue Crew Career Paths
Good morning ocean lovers, or good afternoon or good evening! And it doesn’t need to be the ocean, you can love all kinds of water to want to become a dive professional.  In fact most of the training we do here, involves plenty of dives in freshwater lakes.  Although, our favorite is ocean diving.  We recently polled our professional staff and the overwhelming majority of us voted for salt water as our favorite.

​What is your interest in becoming a dive professional? Have you enjoyed diving so much that you want to assist in teaching new divers?  Do you want to improve & refine your personal dive skills to the professional level?  Are you interested in becoming a full blown instructor so you can teach new divers on your own? Or do you want to work towards achieving the ultimate title of Course Director? 


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It might be time to quit your day job and fly to an island never to return and live the life you’ve always imagined.   

At Blue Crew Divers we focus equally on new diver certification, and long term career path opportunities for seasoned divers. As a Career Develeopment Center we can take you from Open Water Diver all the way through Course Director.  Whether you want to become a PADI Divemaster to work locally with classes and lead NJ wreck dives, or iots time for a full time career change and specialty instructor is your goal before you move to the tropics, we have the program for you. 

Technical diving instructor? Yep, we do that too, all the way through Trimix Instructor.  Our Tec Team has led dives and expeditions all up and down the eastern seaboard, canada and the caribbean.  Some of our noted dives include the Andrea Doria, RBJ/ Chris Corey and reaching depths sub 300'.

Keep in mind our two PADI Course Directors are multiple time Silver, Gold and Platinum award winners from PADI.  This is very difficult to achieve in the North East United States. We have the most experienced Course Directors east of the Mississippi and north of Florida. What does this mean?  It means we teach career development often, and with a lot of success.  

Where to begin?

​Divemaster is where it begins, but Course Director is where it can lead.  The learning never ends, and neither does the fun!

Call today and ask for Chris or Everette and start builing your career develepent plan today!