• Discover Snorkeling

Discover Snorkeling

Never used a Mask and Snorkel before? Are heading our on a cruise to that caribbean island and want to know how to do use your new Mask Snorkel and Fins? We teach this program monthly. Reach out and we'll get you scheduled! 

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Heading out on your first Caribbean adventure and want to learn how to use your new Mask Fins and Snorkel? Call Blue Crew to schedule a Discover Snorkeling program with one of our friendly and experienced professionals. 


During this program you will learn: 

Proper location of snorkel on your mask

Proper Breathing techniques

Proper snorkel clearing techniques

Proper surface diving techniques


Don't wait until you're on that cruise ship to figure these techniques out, stop into the store to get properly fitted for gear and sign up for your Discover Snorkeling program. 

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