Local Wreck Diving - New Jersey, USA

Persistence Charters

Did you know there’s beautiful wreck diving in New Jersey?

It used to be common knowledge! Back in the day, in the 90’s and earlier, once you earned your certification at a local quarry, your next adventure was to the shipwrecks off New Jersey, Delaware, or New York.  That was where the local diving excitement was…  On any given weekend there were dozens of dive boats heading out loaded with divers looking for that elusive artifact, lobster, or flounder to bring home.  This was how you learned to absolutely adore marine life and the historical significance of the wrecks you were lucky enough to dive. 

As flights became cheaper, and Caribbean destinations more accessible, local dive boats either ceased operation or were retired.  This left a huge gap in diving opportunities.  As much as we are fortunate to have local lakes and quarries, nothing beats a day in the sun and salt water off the coast of New Jersey.  The water is beautiful, marine life is prolific on the wrecks, and history abounds - whether it’s an artificial reef or a natural wreck.

Sure, it’s not the Caribbean, but then again, the Caribbean isn’t a New Jersey wreck dive either!  

At Persistence Charters, we’re dedicated to bringing back New Jersey wreck diving for all experience levels, and especially catering to the new NJ diver.  We want to introduce YOU to everything we love about New Jersey diving!  Aboard the Persistence, we foster a positive environment for diving, welcoming divers from all over the East Coast to explore our local wonders!

About The Persistence

The Persistence is a 1985 33' Stamas with twin 454 Mercruiser engines.  A transom door leads onto a swim platform and a ladder making it easy for divers to get on and off the boat.  Our vessel is equipped with all safety equipment including EPIRB, navigation, radar, and a very experienced crew with decades of NJ diving experience.

We want you to feel comfortable diving in NJ. Our motto is "Come on out and we'll show you how to dive in NJ."  Never been on a NJ dive? Don't stress it, we'll show you the way.  Our crew is warm, friendly, and ready to introduce you to the best local diving around.

All dives will be between 60' and 80' unless otherwise noted.

Persistence On-Board Safety Equipment: 

  • 5 Fire Extinguishers
  • AED
  • First Aid
  • Oxygen
  • Epirb
  • 2 VHF Radios
  • Life Jackets
  • Ring Buoy
  • Fire Suppression system

The Crew of the Persistence

Captain  Captain In-Training Chief Engineer Crew
Dorothy Lehman Christopher Donnelly Dave Smith Various

USCG 50 Ton Master Captain

20 Years' Experience on the Atlantic &  Chesapeake Bay

PADI Divemaster

9 Years' Experience as a scuba diver

Dive Boat Captain of "Gypsy Blood" 50’ Commercial Dive Boat Vessel, 30’ Dive Boat, & 28’ Dive Boat

31+ years diving the wrecks of NJ, NY, DE.

Enrolled in USCG Captains Course

PADI Platinum Course Director

Conducted dives on Andrea Dora, Stolt Dagali and 100’s more.

12 Years NJ wreck diving experience

10 Year Dive Professional

IDC Staff Instructor

Olympus Dive Center Team Member

Can fix anything

Rebuilt Port Side Motor of Persistence after we paid a shipyard to rebuild it! 

Tom Wright

Joe Leary

Glenn Pew

Joe Lehman



We are just as excited as you are about Persistence Charters! We can’t wait to have you on-board our vessel, diving some of the most beautiful and historic wrecks on the East Coast. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Questions? Please email, call (610) 665-3483 (DIVE), or use the Contact Form.
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