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Rob Murray - Master Instructor

Rob Murray - Master Instructor

How did I get into diving? As is typical for someone “of a certain age”, I grew up watching Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt reruns and the Jacques Cousteau series as they were broadcast. I didn’t truly get into diving until I was a senior in college and went to sign up for a fun fencing class. It did not fit into my schedule but I ran into a teammate in the hall who said he just signed up for a Scuba Class! Sounded good, it fit my schedule, so I did too. That was in 1981.

Fast forward to today and I am still diving. I became a surface-supplied commercial diver and worked at that and taught commercial diving for almost 25 years. I became a PADI Instructor because as a commercial diving instructor I never got to dive and I was drying out! During that training, I met Chris Donnelly and began a series of adventures in Wreck and Technical diving that are still my favorite types of diving to this day (especially in North Carolina).

Today I get to dive every day as a Hyperbaric Technician/Chamber Operator at the University of Pennsylvania Hyperbaric Department. I accumulate 10 or more hours of “bottom time” each week working in the chamber assisting patients with their medical treatments. And I hardly ever get Seasick!!!